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Dondolo GiveBack Trip to Colombia - 2017

"Every happy memory created for a child is another treasure for a lifetime." - Donna Marie

This was the first playground for the community of Villa Hermosa and La Boquilla in Cartagena, Colombia.

During our Colombia Give back Trip 2017, we donated paint, brushes, aprons, play-dough and everything that "Amigos del Mar Foundation" needed to do their workshops.

Children pick up trash from the streets of their community (water bottles, empty food cans) and they sell it... these teaches children the importance of sustainability and recycling.

Educating them to be THE change!



On this day we met "Amigos del Mar (Friends of the Ocean) Foundation."

Pedro, it's founder and all his crew filled our hearts with hope that no matter how many bare necessities these children from "Tierra Bomba" are lacking, there is always hope that they will have a bright future and break the social cycle of poverty in their family, community and city.

Pedro's foundation started with getting one boy back to school, in exchange, he payed his tuition, his food and most important for the boy, he would teach him how to surf.

Today "Amigos del Mar Foundation" sponsors 40 children that are back in school.

Rober, is a silver medalist in national championships. His achievements in paddle boarding got him a scholarship to go to music school.

"Amigos del Mar" are making a change! And thanks to you we are helping them make a change.


Dondolo Gives - Community Partners of Dallas

This Holiday season we're excited to announce the opening of our official non-profit organization, Dondolo Gives! With Dondolo Gives, we are now able to make a difference here in the U.S.  Naturally, we decided to start locally in our home town of Dallas! We chose the Community Partners of Dallas as our first stop - we simply fell in love with their incredible mission.

CPD helps ensure the safety, restore dignity, and inspire hope for the abused and neglected children served by Dallas County Child Protective Services. There are several ways this organization impacts children but  specifically, the Rainbow Room stole our hearts.  It is an emergency resource center for children in the care of CPS providing critically-needed items such as new toys and clothes. We were able to donate over 15 boxes of brand new/unused clothing to this amazing resource.

Please join us and help support such an amazing organization!! For more info on the CPD -


Mom Empowerment Program


We are very proud of the work we have done and the relationships we have established on our Give Back trips in Colombia. But after really getting to know some of the mothers and because Dondolos main mission is to Empower Motherhood, we felt we needed to do more. So we have established the pilot of our Mom Empowerment program based in Cartagena. 

We selected 5 women who have shown ambition and desire to create a better life for themselves and their families. Our program teaches them life lessons alongside tangible skills that can earn them a living wage, growing their self esteem and bettering their families future. Our Dondolo dolls are assembled by the women in our program and each doll features the story of the women who worked on it, sharing her hopes and dreams. 

Our hope and dream is to be able to expand this program in the near future to impact even more women and their families in Colombia and beyond.


Meet Our Mothers