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A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas.

Shelby Goff

Catalina Gonzalez

A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas.

This month I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Shelby Goff, mama to JW, to find out how her life has changed since becoming a mama this year and to hear how she planned on celebrating the fourth of July with her sweet baby boy. 

Q & A

by Catherine Hill

D - Take me through what your typical morning looks like. 

S - For the record – I am NOT a morning person! JW has changed that. Mornings with him are my favorite. He wakes up between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. We snuggle in bed for a little (since baby snuggles are the best) before getting dressed. I make us both breakfast and then we start our day.

D - Any advice for expecting mamas?

My two bits of advice:

1. Prepare to be unprepared! Nothing can prepare you for being a new mom. No book, blog or person will prepare you for the screaming, blow out diapers, constant worrying and the unconditional love. The love that you have for your child is a feeling that is truly indescribable.

2. Put your phone down! As everyone tells you – time flies by. Enjoy every moment with your baby. You will hate not remembering even the smallest details of their little lives.

D - Where did you and your family celebrate the fourth of July this year?

S - JW got to watch his first Park Cities Fourth of July Parade. Of course, I already had his red, white and blue outfit picked out!

D - How would you best describe how you dress JW?

S - It depends on who gets to dress him in the morning. My husband dresses him more like a little boy in polos and shorts. I prefer to dress him in onesies and jumpers like a baby. I would say that I dress him more on the traditional side.

D - What is your favorite Dondolo outfit and why?

S - I love everything Dondolo! We are especially big fans of the precious pajamas and footies. The footies are cozy and cute. JW wore them almost everyday day this past winter!

D - How does it make you feel to know that when you buy Dondolo clothing you are providing jobs for single mothers in Colombia? 

S - I applaud Dondolo for doing their part in giving back. Every mother wants to be able to provide basic needs for their children, and you all help them do so. We need more companies to follow in Dondolo’s foot-steps.

D - What do you admire most about your mom? 

S - Looking back, I admire that my mom had three young children and still made time to volunteer. She was a part of many organizations in Austin and helped to raise a significant amount of money to give back to the community.

D - What is one of your dearest philanthropic organizations in Dallas?

S - There are many incredible organizations in Dallas. The two that I am involved with are New Friends New Life (please check them out if you are not familiar!) and The Salvation Army. Every person deserves another chance at life and these two organizations have helped to save many lives… from addiction, trafficking, abuse and many other dire circumstances.

D - What is your proudest mom moment so far? 

S - A few months ago I had that moment of “OK, I get it”. I finally figured out how to be a good mom and wife, volunteer, and keep connections with my friends, all at the same time without feeling overwhelmed. As a new mom that feeling of being overwhelmed is well….overwhelming. I finally feel comfortable in what I am doing.

D - What is one thing you hope to teach JW? 

S - Kindness. I want him to be a kind and loving person. I want him to have empathy, at all stages of life - sitting with a child in the cafeteria who is all alone, and standing up for the kid being bullied. This world is nothing without kindness and human empathy.