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A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas.

Sarah Novakov

Catalina Gonzalez

A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas.

This month I sat down with the beautiful Sarah Novakov, blogger and mama to Marilyn Rose and Bella Jane, to find out what life is like launching a new website while being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Q & A

by Catherine Hill

D - Take me through what your typical morning looks like. 

S - My pretty angels wake up around 5:00am! Marilyn Rose usually comes in my room and plays around or hops in my bed. Then Bella cries Mommy, Mommy, Mommy so I stumble out of bed and get her out of her crib. I then take the girls down stairs for some breakfast so that my husband can sleep a little longer. After that, we come back up stairs so that I can shower while the girls play in the bathroom. Later we watch sleeping beauty or something like that. Then a couple days a week I use to take Marilyn Rose to school for a couple hours while Bella naps. But school is out for summer now, so we will have quiet time if she doesn't want to nap.

D - Since starting the blog, thefashionmama, how has your role as a stay-at-home mom changed?

S - I do not have much spare time because I take care of the girls all day long. But if I have a minute, I will spend it working on or the @thefashionmama....So I am even busier than before. But it is something I love and am passionate about so I enjoy it! It is something that fits in perfectly with my life so that I can still give my time, energy and attention to my children. Which I think is so important! 

D - Any advice for moms thinking about launching their own lifestyle blog?

S - It is hard work, even though it looks easy. It really takes up a lot of time. But if you are passionate about launching a blog just be true to yourself and your style because that is what makes you unique! 

D - How would you describe your style and the way you dress your girls?

S - I love to be comfortable, but I also love to doll the girls and I up. I love textures more than I do patterns for me. As for the girls anything sweet and pastel! I adore calming colors, If I wear bold patterns I feel like it distracts or fights with my face. I love fine fabrics!

D - What is your favorite Dondolo outfit and why? 

S - The cute May baby set with the blue hydrangea on is the most darling thing..I absolutely adore it!

D - Being a mom yourself how does it make you feel to know that when you buy Dondolo clothing you are providing warm clothes to needy children in Colombia?

S - It warms my heart so much and makes me love Dondolo even more than the adorableness of the clothes. I want to buy the whole spring/summer line!!!!

D - Name one thing you have gained since being a mom... 

S - I have gained LOVE, my heart has grown like the grinch and just keeps getting bigger and bigger! And patience, I try to never run out of patience with the children. So my patience has definitely lengthened from being a mother. 

D - What are some of your favorite thing to do with the girls in Dallas?

S - I love to take them to local parks or fields to run around and be outdoors. They run most errands with me, which I love because that is how they learn! By loving it and seeing what Mama does! They love to go to Whole Foods with me and get groceries! They love to hit up the local toy store and children's stores. And now with the pools opening up, we will be regulars at UP pool, Dallas County Club, Bent Tree, and grandmothers pool!

D - What is one thing you hope to teach Marilyn Rose and Bella Jane?

S - I hope to teach them to be kind, compassionate and caring towards others. But the most important thing to me is for the girls to have a strong belief in God because I want to be with my babies in heaven. There is simply nothing more important to me than that!