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A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas.

Morgan Hunt

Matt Henry

A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas. 

If you're wondering how someone managed to launch a women's clothing line, authored a blog and gave birth to three beautiful babies all in four years, meet Morgan Hunt. This month I sat down with Morgan, mama to William, John, and the newest addition sweet baby Hartley to find out how she managed to do them all and somehow stay one of the calmest and sanest people I know. 

Q & A

An interview by Catherine Hill

D - Take me through what your typical morning or day looks like.

M - As hard as it is to wake up some days, mornings are my favorite. The boys normally wake first and are ready to start the day the moment their feet hit the ground. We head downstairs and I make them breakfast. Shortly after the baby typically wakes and I send the boys to play while I nurse her. The mornings are typically spent being lazy around the house but a few days a week I try to venture outside the house to burn some energy. The pool, the flight museum and the Walnut Hill Recreation Center are our go-to's these hot summer days. Lunch time is followed by naps and most days, all three kiddos sleep at the same time which has been nothing short of a miracle. We try to do play dates with friends in the afternoons which typically involves some backyard water fun.

D - How do you stay so centered and calm with three kids? 

M- Patience. Patience. Patience. It helps that I am a fairly laid back person in general. If the kids are having fun playing in the sink or making a mess, I allow it, knowing that clean up typically isn't that hard. When they are misbehaving or fighting, I just deal with it in the moment. Sometimes kids just need to have a tantrum and if it is not at the expense of their brother or the people standing in line around us, I just ignore them and start playing with toys in another room. Typically, they realize playing with toys is way more fun than lying on the ground crying for no reason.

D - Which was more of a challenge going from 1-2 kids or 2-3 kids? and Why?

M - 1 to 2 was the hardest for me. My second did not sleep well at night so the days were quiet difficult. This time around the baby has been a good sleeper and has a fairly easy temperament. Honestly, it all depends on the demeanor of the new baby and this time around we lucked out.

D - What is one of your go-to dinners to make? 

M - Feeding little ones can be tricky but healthy eating is something that is very important to me. From the beginning, I have made their own food and overall they are good eaters with wide variety of things they like to eat. One of the easiest meals we do at least once a week is Zucchini Noodles with Ground Turkey. I buy zoodles (zucchini noodles) at Whole foods and just sautΓ© them a bit while cooking up some ground turkey then mixing it all together with some pasta sauce and maybe some broccoli diced in. My kids, and husband, eat it all up and always ask for more.

D - Any advice for expecting Mamas?

M - You do you! Take the advice you want and leave the rest at the door. And most of all, have confidence in what you are doing. It is not easy, and sometimes you screw up but have faith that you are indeed doing a wonderful job. Becoming a mother has made me appreciate life in a way I never imagined and it has truly made me a much better person in general. 

D - What was your reaction in the delivery room when you found out your third was a girl?

M - I thought my husband was kidding. There was NO WAY the baby could possibly be a girl. I was certain it was a boy and ready to give him the name I had picked. When he said, "It's a girl" It was by far the greatest surprise of my life.

D - What is your favorite Dondolo outfit and why?

M - I am obsessed with all their clothes but ultimately I am a sucker for baby girls in blue so my most favorite is the flower detail dress with blue embroidery. The tied bow on the back just makes my heart explode. 

D - Being a mom yourself how does it make you feel to know that when you buy Dondolo clothing you are providing jobs for single mothers in Colombia?

M - The entire concept is very touching. The skills and talent these women possess is quite remarkable and their hard work not only helps their own families, but in turn helps other local children.  It is nice to know that by purchasing these stunning, hand crafted garments, I am playing a small role in helping these women and their families. 

D - How did you manage to give birth to your second baby, John, while simultaneously launching your clothing line, Morgan James? 

M - When I had William, I was energized with a burst of creativity that I had to do something with and my blog, A Treasure Hunt, was born. Then I was pregnant with John and decided to start a clothing line. It just so happened that he was born right when the line launched. Aside from motherhood, the clothing line was the hardest and best thing I have ever done. After the first season, I learned that my heart was not in women's clothing and I was not willing to devote myself to something which took time away from my children that I was not truly passionate about. Around the same time, my interest in the blog began to decline as well so I stopped everything. Some days it is really hard not having those creative outlets any longer. I have several hopes and dreams for creative ventures that I know are in my future, but while my family is young and growing, I want to devote 100% of myself to them.

D - What is your proudest mom moment so far? 

M - Just being their mother in general. Being around to watch them grow and watch them experience life. Sometimes I catch myself just starring at them wondering how on earth they are possibly mine. Motherhood is quite magical if you ask me.

D - What is one thing you hope to teach William, John and Hartley? 

M - Appreciate the small things. Have respect for your elders. Have respect for your health and body. Be kind. Kindness will take you far in life. Pray about all things. Happiness is often a choice so dwell on the good things and move past the negative. The glass is always half FULL!