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A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas.

Marisa Howard

Matt Henry

A fun look into the lives and lifestyles of some of our favorite mamas. 

This month we sat down with Marisa Howard, mama to almost 1 year old London in their beautiful Park Cities home. Marisa, along with being a dedicated mama to London, runs a lifestyle blog she launched in 2014 called Marhow. She is on a mission to inspire wellness inside and out.

Q & A

An interview by Catherine Hill

D - Take me through what your typical morning or day looks like?

M - My day starts pretty early, whenever London wakes up! I feed her breakfast (usually fruit) and then we set out for a brisk morning walk before it gets too hot. Unless I’ve made one at home already, we walk to the Gem for a green juice or smoothie. London and I both love being out and about. 

D - Where do you find time to squeeze exercise into your busy schedule?

M - Finding time for exercise is crucial to my wellbeing. The endorphins really clear my head and energize me when I’m sleep deprived. I’m lucky that my housekeeper or my mom can watch her for an hour on weekdays so I can run to yoga, pilates, or tennis. On the weekends, we take it easy or walk to brunch with my husband.

D - How has becoming a mama to London changed the way you run Marhow?

M - I launched in October of 2014 with a big party at the Joule, and found out a week later that I was pregnant. That news changed the whole trajectory of my energy and thought processes. We were currently living in a high-rise and still just in the design process for building our dream house, so we had to put those plans on pause and shift our attention to purchasing and renovating a new home before London arrived. While Marhow was intended to be a lifestyle site covering all things from wellness, yoga, travel, interior design, and fashion, the direction morphed to more pregnancy, home, and baby related topics. Now that London is almost one (and starting to sleep better), I’m striving to find a balance between Marhow’s original intended purpose and my current perspective as a mother. In order to achieve that, I’ll be bringing on other contributors with different perspectives than my own. 

D - What is your favorite activity to do with London?

M - My favorite thing to do with London is read books. We try out new books in the morning, and read the same three books every night before bed. She gets such a kick out of touching all the different textures while hearing my voice with different inflections. I also really enjoy taking London to her little thirty-minute classes, whether it be Play Wisely or music class. She loves dancing to music. 

D - How does your husband help out?

M - My husband is great with her and is always up for daddy daughter date night when I need him to step in. They are smitten for each other and definitely share a special bond. 

D - Any advice for expecting Mamas?

M - My advice for expecting mamas is to stay active, peaceful, and present in preparation for childbirth. I walked, took pilates, played tennis, and did lots of prenatal yoga up until about 37 weeks which I think helped me tremendously. I also did reflexology, acupuncture, and had weekly chiropractic adjustments to make sure everything was aligned and in balance. I believe in mind-body connections so staying zen and not letting anxiety or the pressures of nesting set in is key. Practicing breathing techniques and stretching will not only create a peaceful environment for you and your baby in the womb, but will also help during delivery. 

D - What was your favorite thing about being pregnant?

M - I loved being pregnant and feeling life growing inside of me. Every move, kick and hiccup she made was a treat. It’s such a special time in a woman’s life. 

D - What is one of your go-to dinners to make?

M - In the summertime, my favorite recipe is linguine alla vongole (linguine with clams) from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook My Father’s Daughter. It’s delicious, light and my husband loves it. 

D - What is one thing you admire about your mom?

M - One of the many things that I admire about my mom is that she is such a caretaker. She loves watching London and her other three grandkids during the week whenever my sister or I need a hand, and enjoys entertaining the whole family on the weekends.

D - Name one thing you have gained since being a mom...

M - One thing I have gained since being a mom is perseverance. With London waking up multiple times a night up until just recently, I learned that I am a lot tougher than I thought I was. If you had told me prior to being a mom that I was going to spend the first year of motherhood on no sleep and would still enjoy juggling it all daily, I would have said there’s no way. But I survived those sleepless nights and it’s been the best year of my life. 

D - What is one thing you hope to teach London?

M - There are so many things I can’t wait to teach London.. I hope to teach her about art and culture the way my mom taught me, and to take her to museums and to the ballet. More importantly though, I hope to teach her kindness, compassion, and acceptance of others because the world certainly needs more of it.